Sunday, February 8, 2009

True Art

True inspiration is like a bolt of lightning, it flashes with conviction, an awakening, a zeal, a vision, poetry and song into the soul. A light enters the dark; then after the flash, the art it engenders, floats away from the soul of the artist like the melody from the string. Once you see God's vision-you see Heaven. Once you hear God's melody - the nature of which is harmony - then you have heard the music of the spheres. Once you experience this supreme music - you have experienced ecstasy. Once you feel God's rhythm - you are in harmony with the eternal cycles of time.
The art it inspires in the artist, will give birth to the same emotional ecstasy in the lovers of art, and in that upliftment, enlightenment, conviction, zeal and vision will arise in the art lover's soul, also, as God's lightning is passed on through the artist's work. This is true art !

1 comment:

  1. From everyday as an artist it is our day to make our world shine! That is the soul purpose of an artist! The day you finish a work is the day the world has something tangible to hold, so you have made your mark to make the world step by step a better place!
    Wonderful work Frank! You make the world a more provocative place!