Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mother and Child

"Mother and Child"
©F.Licsko oil on canvas

The most powerful power of all powers - a mother's love... It is sunlight clothed in human flesh! A flame descended from the heart of god, a strenght that is not afraid of death - A kind of tender, gentle, and all powerful frailty! You, who will abandon your safe abode, pleasures, conveniences and all your treasures, who will enter the forest of unimaginable terrors and cross the river of death, to reach your little loved ones! You who doesn't acknowledge imminent danger - you who will disregard the impossible - suffer if need be, and die if must for trying..I honor you! Oh woman's heart!

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  1. Hi from Les. I have known you for a long time and you are a very talented artist, and also good chess player and very good at eating food. I appreciate your company and friendship. I hope that you'll flourish and come back to canada soon. Please don't forget to send a Hello and Hug from me to Joanne and your children.