Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Morning Sunlight
© Frank Licsko oil on canvas 30" x 40"

I have been trying to paint an early morning California scene, in which the sparkle, the glimmer of morning mist, became the theme itself.
To me, this morning light, is what I call heavenly, because the experience is transcendental. Words, such as "magical", and "noble" come to mind, even if one is not a poet. Of course, in real life, one sees unique events, such as vultures, on the tops of fence-posts, or power poles, spreading their wings, which steam in the early morning sun.
Hellie is a sweet person, who happens to be a very talented and accomplished
artist herself. She owns the pond, and she was kind enough to let me spend some time around it. I did not wish to paint specifically the lake, I just wanted to paint the impressions the visit had on me.

Friday, March 6, 2009


©FLicsko 60"x60"oil on canvas

I "coloured" the Mobius strip with a seascape, using its horizon line as an integral part of the design. Psychologically, it gave rise to a metaphysical symbol, assuring us that our world is safe, that it will continue, as it has been here, in the past, for billions of years, creating life and providing all that is necessary for that life to exist endlessly. The present continues to glide into the eternal future. So the sea is life, offering a visual complement to the structural mysticism of the Mandala, and our dreams are the winds that blow our sails.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mother and Child

"Mother and Child"
©F.Licsko oil on canvas

The most powerful power of all powers - a mother's love... It is sunlight clothed in human flesh! A flame descended from the heart of god, a strenght that is not afraid of death - A kind of tender, gentle, and all powerful frailty! You, who will abandon your safe abode, pleasures, conveniences and all your treasures, who will enter the forest of unimaginable terrors and cross the river of death, to reach your little loved ones! You who doesn't acknowledge imminent danger - you who will disregard the impossible - suffer if need be, and die if must for trying..I honor you! Oh woman's heart!


© F. Licsko,
oil on canvas

Fragrance is the forgiveness
the fallen flower leaves
for the heel that crushes it...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Art, Religion, Science, Politics and Finance

" Second Wave" © F.Licsko 08 36"x48" oil on canvas
In the time of Michaelangelo and Da Vinci, painting was a mixture of religion and art, and that was because religion ruled the arts, philosophy, and science. With the age of reason, the men of science dislodged religion from its dominant rule, and gave birth to a new system that allows the development of our selves, our talents, our intelligence, our skills, and they called the system Democracy. In my painting I investigate the results of looking at science through the eyes of art, exploring the mysticism that seems to arise from reason and facts, plus inspiration and imagination . Analysis is the source and language of science, and emotion is the source and language of art. So I consider my paintings a mix of emotion and modern intellect, which gives rise to a contemporary spiritual work that uses and glorifies the discoveries of science, symbolizing the way it influences our thinking, our way of life, and our society. This second wave is a distinctly different one from the first, whose main concern was religion; ours concerns itself with creating a technology whose pass word is convenience, not blind devotion whose way of life was labour of the the peasant at the bottom and the men of devotion, the cathedral builder at the top.
One without the other... just a thought ...
Religion without science - superstition...
Science without religion - brute force ...
Art without philosophy - meaningless ...
Science without art - technology without design...
Art without beauty - junk...
Politics without ethics - self serving and greedy ...
Finance without ethics - crime...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

True Art

True inspiration is like a bolt of lightning, it flashes with conviction, an awakening, a zeal, a vision, poetry and song into the soul. A light enters the dark; then after the flash, the art it engenders, floats away from the soul of the artist like the melody from the string. Once you see God's vision-you see Heaven. Once you hear God's melody - the nature of which is harmony - then you have heard the music of the spheres. Once you experience this supreme music - you have experienced ecstasy. Once you feel God's rhythm - you are in harmony with the eternal cycles of time.
The art it inspires in the artist, will give birth to the same emotional ecstasy in the lovers of art, and in that upliftment, enlightenment, conviction, zeal and vision will arise in the art lover's soul, also, as God's lightning is passed on through the artist's work. This is true art !