Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Morning Sunlight
© Frank Licsko oil on canvas 30" x 40"

I have been trying to paint an early morning California scene, in which the sparkle, the glimmer of morning mist, became the theme itself.
To me, this morning light, is what I call heavenly, because the experience is transcendental. Words, such as "magical", and "noble" come to mind, even if one is not a poet. Of course, in real life, one sees unique events, such as vultures, on the tops of fence-posts, or power poles, spreading their wings, which steam in the early morning sun.
Hellie is a sweet person, who happens to be a very talented and accomplished
artist herself. She owns the pond, and she was kind enough to let me spend some time around it. I did not wish to paint specifically the lake, I just wanted to paint the impressions the visit had on me.


  1. stunning, breath-takingly beautiful work!

  2. Beautiful! such a fantastic atmosphere!

  3. It's really beautiful. You did a great job!