Friday, March 6, 2009


©FLicsko 60"x60"oil on canvas

I "coloured" the Mobius strip with a seascape, using its horizon line as an integral part of the design. Psychologically, it gave rise to a metaphysical symbol, assuring us that our world is safe, that it will continue, as it has been here, in the past, for billions of years, creating life and providing all that is necessary for that life to exist endlessly. The present continues to glide into the eternal future. So the sea is life, offering a visual complement to the structural mysticism of the Mandala, and our dreams are the winds that blow our sails.


  1. That is quite beautiful. Creation is certainly eternal, as it is an integral part of the Divine. Thank you for sharing a part of that divine spark in your art. It is quite amazing.

  2. I am touched by your work, it is stunning and yes reassuring and sensitive to the inner workings of the human soul. The mother and child reminded me of a drawing of the himan face which had been distorted depending upon it's importance mentally. Your distortion of the hand sizes are so true of a mother as she protects and keeps safe her child. r.